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Offshore Financial Centers

Info: Definition

Offshore Financial Centers or OFCs are areas that choose reduced taxes or lenient financial controlling administration as a shield in case of overseas investors. (the future for offshore financial centers (OFCs))

IMF defines OFC as an area that fulfills the norms as stated below: it is a location marked by a large number of financial institutions, a majority of the business dealings are started in foreign shores, nearly all institutions are managed by non-residents, possesses assets and liabilities disproportionate to the internal economy; and has low or zero taxation, restrained or lax financial guidelines and privacy of banking business. The last norm is related to what is usually known as “tax haven.” Nevertheless, whereas the description contains “tax havens” as well, it is not restricted to this category of country. (Canadian Direct Investment in ‘Offshore Financial Centers) Offshore finance is, in its general meaning, the provision of financial services by banks and other representatives to non-residents. These services comprise of borrowing and lending of funds to non-residents. This can be in the shape of lending to companies and other financial institutions, financed by liabilities to the offices of the bank who is lending elsewhere, or to market participants. It can even take the shape of accepting deposits from individuals, and investing the profits in other financial markets. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper)

The explanation of an OFC is a little complicated. In its broadest term, an OFC can be described as any financial centre in which there is offshore transaction. This description would bring within its ambit all important financial centers across the globe. In these centers, the dividing line between on-shore and offshore business might be thin, indicating that a loan to a non-resident might be financed in the center’s independent market, in which case the providers of monies might be resident or non-resident. In the same vein, a fund manager might not be able to tell apart between monies belonging to resident and non-resident customers. These centers viz. London, New York, and Tokyo could more conveniently be portrayed as “International Financial Centers” or IFCs. In several instances, viz, New York and Tokyo, part of this business, however through no methods, is done in institutions that are positively dealt for tax and other reasons, viz. The U.S. International Banking Facilities –IBFs and the Japanese Offshore Market — JOM.

A more sensible meaning of an OFC is a centre wherein the majority of the financial sector activity is offshore on either side of the balance sheet, in which case the business dealings are started at other places, and in which case nearly all the institutions concerned are regulated by non-residents. Therefore OFCs are normally ascribed to as: areas which have comparatively huge numbers of financial institutions doing business mainly with non-residents; Financial systems having external assets and liabilities disproportionate to internal financial intermediation devised to extend financial support to domestic economies; and more prevalently centers that extend a part or the entire gamut of the following services: rock bottom or nil taxation; restrained or lenient financial rules; confidentiality in banking and maintaining of secrecy. Nevertheless, the difference is not in any way distinct. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper)


Certainly, the record of offshore financial centers shows the chronological development of the tax system of leading nations, especially the United States and United Kingdom. At the time when Lloyd George and his Treasury officials turned down the appeal of the Vesteys that taxation of UK should not be stretched to foreign proceeds in World War I, the Vestys determined on self-help. Their income coming from foreign lands ultimately went to the trustees of a settlement stationed in Paris during the period when France did not follow the practice of imposing taxes on overseas profits. Taking into account the present approach of France being an OECD member to offshore financial centers, it is crucial to observe that France was one of the foremost offshore financial centers. Post World War I, with the going up of tax rates in the United States and United Kingdom, the two nations wanted in the 1930s to come down heavily on transfer of assets overseas. (Harmful Tax Competition and the future of Offshore Financial Centers such as Vanuatu)

The United Kingdom made laws forbidding offshore pocketbook companies held by U.S. millionaires in the Bahamas. In case of the teeming millions of taxpayers in industrial economies, tax shelters did not evoke much attention. With onshore tax shelters like life insurance, pension or retirement funds available, exclusively the very affluent found much necessity to think about availing the benefits of offshore tax shelters. In the United Kingdom, the mix of affluent upper class coming under very high marginal tax rate bracket, a custom of foreign investment and the exclusive situation of offshore tax shelters inside the exchange control area at that time implied that the British leaders were in the development of tax shelter. To these were added following the Second World War, the multinational Corporations which found that the services of tax shelters were indispensable in surmounting the problems engineering by global business by incoherent tax agreements or double claims to income. (Harmful Tax Competition and the future of Offshore Financial Centers such as Vanuatu)

Where are they?

OFCs included under the description might differ considerably. Taking for instance, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands cannot be regarded on similar foothold as regards legal provisions, taxes or value additions consequential from the business dealings undertaken. OFCs vary from centers like Hong Kong and Singapore, having a streamlined financial market and infrastructure, wherein a significant quantity of value addition to the business dealings is done in case of non-residents to regions having lesser populations, like for instance some of the Caribbean regions, where value additions is restricted to the provision of professional infrastructure. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper) in its researches, the International Monetary Fund spots 42 areas wherein important offshore businesses are performed. (Canadian Direct Investment in ‘Offshore Financial Centers) Every important financial centre comprising London, New York and Frankfurt undertakes Offshore Financial Services, and London is frequently referred to as the world’s biggest Offshore Financial Centre. (the Changing Shape of Offshore Jurisdictions)

In case of several small centers, where the financial institution’s physical is small or nil, the value addition might be restricted to just recording of the business dealing. However, in every center, specific dealings might be roughly like an “offshore” nature. Meaning, in every areas, there are chances to locate business dealings where just the “recording” has been done in the OFC, while simultaneously business concerning much more value addition may happen. Apart from Banking business, additional services extended by the offshore centers comprise of fund management, insurance, trust business, taxation planning, and IBC operations. Figures are meager- but ideas are of speedier growth in a lot of these regions in current years, as against to some abatement in banking. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper) Normally the very tiny nations or provinces, OFCs might be the islands similar to the Bahamas or the Caymans; however, they might also be continentally-based provinces like Monaco or Liechtenstein. Organizationally, they might be independent states like Barbados, colonial provinces like Dutch Antilles or constituent of the national province of a bigger state that benefits from limited autonomy similar to Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, both of them part of the UK. (the future for offshore financial centers (OFCs))

The Role

OFCs can be employed for legal causes, enjoying the benefit of reduced explicit taxation and therefore enhanced post-tax profit, uncomplicated prudential rigid structures which lower implicit taxation, least official procedures for setting up of the company; the presence of ample legal structures which protect the reliability of the relationship between the principal and agent; the closeness to leading economies, or to nations drawing capital inflows, the standing of particular OFCs, and the professional services extended, liberty from exchange controls, and a way for safeguarding assets from the influence of lawsuit and so on. They can even be employed for questionable reasons, like tax avoidance and money laundering, through taking the benefit of a higher potential for less obvious functional settings, comprising an increased stage of secrecy to hide from the eyes of the legal enforcement authorities in the “home” nation of the beneficial possessor of the monies. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper)

Offshore financial centers give abundant services to draw capital from overseas. Apart from getting involved in conventional banking operations, OFCs clients might take over banking licenses, constitute offshore corporations, launch inland insurance companies, and take benefit of offshore warehousing and supportive tax policies, among other provisions. These services facilitate individuals and corporations to evade taxes, rules, attachment of assets or criminal prosecutions in their native countries. Offshore banks are among the most familiar implementation of OFC, as substantiated by the mushrooming banking sectors in many OFCs like the Cayman Islands. Many diverse types of users are drawn to offshore banking. For instance, a multinational company may establish an offshore bank to deal with its foreign exchange functions or to enable financing of an international joint venture. Similarly, an offshore might set up a wholly owned subsidiary in an OFC to extend offshore fund administration facilities or other facilities. (the future for offshore financial centers (OFCs)) multinational corporation establishes an offshore bank to deal with its foreign exchange operations or to ease out financing of a joint venture spanning on a global basis. An onshore bank sets up a wholly owned subsidiary in an OFC to extend offshore fund administration services. The proprietor of an onshore bank coming under legal regulation sets up a branch “satellite” bank in an OFC. The appeal of an OFC might comprise no capital tax, no restraining tax on dividends or interest, nil taxation on transfers, nil corporation taxes, no capital gains tax, no exchange controls, lenient legal rules and management, less strict reporting necessities, and trading limitations. Offshore corporations or international business corporations -IBCs are means having restricted liability recorded in an OFC. They might be employed to own and run businesses, issue shares, bonds, or raise capital in different manners. They can be employed to build complex financial structures. IBCs might be set up with a single director only. In certain cases, inhabitants of the OFC host nation might behave as nominee director to cloak the identity of the real company directors. In some OFCs, bearer share certificate might be used. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper)

The registered share certificates are adopted in rest of the Offshore Financial Centers, however, no public record of shareholders is dealt with. In several OFCs the expenses of instituting IBCs are minimal and they are normally taken into account for the purpose of calculation of the taxes. IBCs are considered a widely used device for dealing with investment resources. A commercial corporation institutes a captive insurance company in an OFC to address risk and have minimal incidence of taxes. An onshore insurance company institutes an ancillary in an OFC to reinsure some specific threats underwritten by the parent and decline the overall reserve and capital requirements. An onshore reinsurance company includes an ancillary in an OFC to reinsure hazardous threats. The allurement of an OFC in such settings involves favorable income/withholding/capital tax regime and low or weakly imposed actuarial reserve requirements and capital standards. One of the most fast rising applications of OFCs is the application of special purpose vehicles — SPV to deploy in the financial activities in a more supportive tax setting.

An onshore corporation institutes an IBC in an offshore center to deploy in a specific activity. The endorsement of asset-backed securities is the most regularly cited activity of SPVs. The onshore corporation may entail a set of assets to the offshore SPV, to illustrate a portfolio of mortgages, loans credit card receivables. The SPV then provides different kinds of securities to the investors on the basis of the supporting assets. The SPV and hence the onshore parent take advantage of the supportive tax treatment in the OFC. The Financial institutions also resort to the application of SPVs in order to benefit from the less regulatory legislations on their functioning. Specifically, the banks apply them to raise Tier I capital in the lower tax settings of OFCs. SPVs are also instituted by non-bank financial institutions to benefit from more liberal netting rules than confronted in home nations, declining their capital requirements. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper)

Another application is in Tax planning. Wealthy individuals make use of supportive tax settings in, and tax treaties with, OFCs, often associating offshore companies, trusts and foundations. There is also a range of schemes that while legally defensible, depend upon complexity and ambiguity sometimes involve kinds of trusts not entailing in the country of the residence of clients. The multinational companies direct the activities through low tax OFCs to minimize their total tax bill though transfer pricing i.e. goods may be forwarded onshore but invoices are offshore concerns by a multinational owned IBC with the transition of onshore profits to low tax regimes. There are also individuals and enterprises those depend on banking secrecy to avoid declaring assets and income to the relevant tax authorities. Such transition in money achieved from the illegitimate transaction also searches the utmost confidentiality from tax and criminal investigation.

The affluent individuals and enterprises in nations with weak economies and brittle banking structures may desire to manage assets overseas to safeguard them against the collapse of their domestic currencies and domestic banks and outside the access of the existing or potential exchange controls. While such individuals also search for secrecy then an account in an OFC assists sometimes as the preferred tool. In some instances, the threat of wholesale confiscation of legally acquitted assets is also an inclination for going offshore. In such cases, the secrecy is very significant. Also, many individuals confronting unlimited responsibility in their home jurisdiction search to reorganize ownership of their assets through offshore trusts to safeguard those assets from onshore lawsuits. Some offshore regions have regulations in force that safeguards those who passes the property to a personal trust from the compelled inheritance provisions in the home countries. (Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper)


The International efforts those were conceived to be inclined towards OFCs have resulted in some sort of uncertainty about their future. Actions made by individual nations to illustrate, the ‘advisorie’ are applicable to jurisdiction enlisted by the FATF as non-co-operative has supplemented to such uncertainty. But there is rising acknowledgement of those offshore jurisdictions that are complying with international standards. The market place can be anticipated to strengthen the attitudes and actions of governments in this regard. The quality business will be allured towards the qualitative financial centers. Those centers that do not entail the suitable status will discover that it is growingly difficult to allure good business and their long-term future and must be in greater doubt. There is no cause as to the fact of non-continuance of the OFC to make use of the niche market scopes and continue to have an appeal in the world financial market place.

Many of the reasons for the effectiveness of quality OFCs like Jersey will be unaffected by the international initiatives – comparatively low rates of taxation – the acceptance by the OECD of zero tax regimes, entailing they are non-discriminatory, is as good an indication as one could hope for that there is a future for tax differentiations, more reactionary to the market requirements- the faster the speed with which OFCs can enact regulations which caters to the needs of the international financial market place will continue; their record of political and fiscal stability- of particular significance for those residing in politically unbalanced areas; the secrecy offered to those engaged in legally admissible business and those have legal reasons for safeguarding the privacy, the greater flexibility of small area of operations; the quality of the services entailed and the expertise entailed. No one would recommend that the financial centers of London, Zurich, Geneva, Luxembourg, Dublin, Singapore or Hong Kong – centers that entail the same cross border financial services for the benefit of non-resident individuals and corporate investors those are entailed by quality OFCs normally are at risk of disappearing. (the future for offshore financial centers (OFCs))

The OECD is eager to dismantle prejudiced preferential tax regimes. This can be performed however, without influencing the essential attractions of an OFC. One illustration is the substitution of a preferential regime by a non-prejudiced corporate tax at a low rate, as the Irish Republic is to perform thereby maintaining the attractions of the Dublin International Financial Centre. The prevalence of a level playing field is considered significant for the future. There is a little potentiality of achieving a successful reaction to the international initiatives, specifically in the area of taxation unless all countries deployed in the strategy of the cross border financial services act in unison. There will always be scope in the market place for a quality niche market operator. With the persistent advantages of OFCs referred to above, the continued growth in wealth world-wide, and the integration of the financial market place worldwide there is every possibility to anticipate both small and large financial centers engaged in cross border financial activities, operating in international standards to discover a place in the sun.

This ideology is backed by the anticipation that financial institutions of stature will desire to eliminate reputation threat and strengthen their own status by functioning only from regions of stature. The potentialities for a prolonged and effective partnership between companies and individual investors employed in legitimate activities and quality OFCs are quite largely better. A more international co-operation in the pursuit of those engaged in fiscal fraud and other criminal activities and this will be noticeable in requests for more substitutions of information in testimony of criminal probes and prosecutions. But there is no cause as to why the companies employed in legally acceptable business should confront fewer opportunities to take benefits of the international tax differentials, nor should investors engaged in legitimate activities apprehend for any loss of the privacy they have a right to enjoy, and which they will be able to call upon human rights legislations to defend. While dealing with the international efforts on financial legislations, money laundering and hazardous tax practices there may not be any reason for the pessimism uttered by some observers concerning the future of OFCs. There prevails every cause for becoming ambitious about their prospects, if they are determined to and comply with international standards, irrespective of the fact that their application is considered by corporate bodies or individual investors. (the future for offshore financial centers (OFCs))

Definitely, the international initiatives those are conceived to be oriented towards Offshore Financial Centers have resulted in some uncertainty about the future of those centers. However, there is persistent acknowledgement that an offshore region can cater to the international standards and continue to be successful. There is no possibility of non-continuance of the quality offshore centers to exploit the many niche market scopes that will persistently prevail and appeal in the world financial market place. Many of the causes for the effectiveness of the quality offshore financial centers will be uninfluenced by the international initiatives. There is every indication of the prospects for tax discriminations. The larger the speed with which Offshore Financial Centers can pass legislations that caters to the necessity of the international financial market place will persist. There will certainly be accommodation in the market place for niche market operators. With the persistent benefit of Offshore Financial Centers along with the continued growth in wealth worldwide and the integration of the financial market place, there is every cause to anticipate both small and large financial centers deployed in cross border financial services functioning in international paradigm to persist in discovering a place in the sun. This view is backed by the hypothesis hat the financial institutions of stature would want to eliminate reputation threats and would desire to strengthen their own image by functioning from jurisdictions of stature. (the Changing Shape of Offshore Jurisdictions)

There is a persistent necessity for amore international collaboration in the search of those involved in the fiscal fraud and other criminal functioning and this will noticeable itself in requests for more exchange of information with regard to criminal investigations and prosecutions. But there is no cause of non-engagement of the companies in legally acceptable business should confront fewer scope to be benefited from the international tax differentials nor should investors employed in legal activities have threat for any loss of the privacy they have a right to enjoy and that they should be able to call upon the Human Rights legislations to defend. The positive sign is to take a view on OFC about the future on the basis of a more objective analysis than has been sometimes the case presently. The OFCs are presently being independently dealt with by the IMF on the legislation they have in place, the resources they presently have to carry on the successful financial confinements and anti-money laundering and their track record. There is no cause for OFCs to have a threat on the influence of being necessitated to adhere to the international standards on a level playing field basis. (the Changing Shape of Offshore Jurisdictions)


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