Learning and Training Intervention

Learning and Training Intervention

A high level of competition characterizes the modern business environment, and employee training and development programs are essential for organizations to sustain their performance at levels where they can withstand the rivalry in their industry. The existing literature on employee training and development shows that corporations with good employee training programs achieve better performance records compared to companies without employee training and development programs. Besides motivating employees, the existing literature shows that employee training and development programs go a long way in ensuring that organizations deliver quality to their customers and achieve overall better efficiency in the utilization of their resources. Consequently, employee training and development programs have a primary role in promoting shareholder value in any organization.

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Learning and Training Intervention
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Developing a Training Plan

In the modern world, nearly every organization has realized the need and the benefits of training. Although training can be an expensive process, when done well can increase the efficiency of the workers and minimize the cost and inefficiencies in the company (Khan et al., 2016). An effective training program can lead to increased regulation compliance by an organization and promote a happier and more engaged workforce. Besides, developing an effective training program is not an easy undertaking. Without careful assessment and analysis of the organization’s needs, one may end up designing a training program that does not meet the employee’s needs or support the right objectives of the business (Kum, Cowden & Karodia, 2014). The primary aim of the training program is to fix a problem identified within the organization. Given the current business competition,organizations are struggling to deliver exceptional services not only to the customers but also to remain ahead of their competitors. However, before organizations can be sure that they are meeting the needs of their customers and providing reliable and quality services, they need to be able to invest and develop the workforce. This essay examines the development of a training plan that is aimed at improving the efficiency of the employees while at the same time enhancing the overall performance of the company.

Therefore, the team in the Technology Company has to strive to set standards that will ensure the company provides its customers, shareholders, and associates with an assurance that its excellence is not only found in the design of the products but every aspect of the business. The main objective of this training plan is to develop a customer-based business environment in which emphasizes on better working conditions for improved output. The training programs also aim at aligning the employee’s needs to the primary objective of the business (Grant, 2012).After a though assessment and analysis of the company’s situation, it was decided that a training program encourages and empowers the employees to adopt a customer-based attitude, which is essential for the improvement of the company’s performance.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is an essential aspect of the continued success of this training program. It was established that both high level and middle managers who can efficiently communicate with customers and employees are essential to ensuring the training program aligns with the objectives of the company. Various methods, such as job observation, employee feedback, and questionnaires, were used to identify training needs and collect the required data (Khan et al., 2016). Based on the data collected, it was found out that the reduced flow of information from the managers to the employee undermined the effectiveness of the company operations. The inability of the managers to effectively communicate and demonstrate leadership skills affected their performance (Jones et al., 2016). The problem was linked to the lack of proper training and mentorship programs. The inability to communicate effectively has created a gap between the employees and the subordinate staff who often find themselves unable to discharge their duties effectively due to poor instructions.

The success of the training program will be based on the skills and knowledge acquired after the program (Khan et al., 2016). To assist in developing individuals in training, the mentorship program will be rolled out to bridge the gap in installing knowledge, abilities, and skills to the employees enrolled in the program. The mentor’s program will be designed to eliminate performance discrepancies due to a lack of clear information regarding quality standards and poor allocation of time and resources (Khan et al., 2016). The program will ensure there is a concise feedback mechanism in place to measure performance.

Besides, need analysis established that the company was experiencing a high rate of employees leaving. The training program will boost employee morale by enhancing the overall communication system and providing a clear path for them to advance to senior leadership roles. Through the training, the participants will be exposed to the measurement system to determine their progress and performance (Wa’el, 2015). Employees will be subjected to regular coaching on quality, standards, and customer services. Those in the human resource department will be trained on the selection strategies to ensure that those recruited for various job opportunities meet the required standards for the job description.

The training program will provide a platform for the trainers to group the trainees into small groups to ensure the effective delivery of the training material and information. Since the trainees play a vital role in the delivery of the program, their attitude towards the program will be essential in determining the success of the training (Kum et al., 2014). The ability of the trainee to follow through and communicate the regulation and standards sets for employment will be an indication of the successful implementation of the program.

Different training methods will be utilized to ensure there is maximum leaning from the program. The training methods will include weekly discussions, group presentations, role-playing within the discussion group settings, and video to enhance the learning. The training program will be conducted within three months. The time allocated for training will occur twice every week on Monday and Friday. The training will be first delivered to the management and will commence at 8: AM and end at 9: AM for one month. The trainee will then be provided to the trainees every Monday and Friday for two months from 3: PM to 4: PM. The training team will continue to conduct customer service discussions and PowerPoint presentations, which will be sent to the trainees every Thursday, vie the company webpage. During the training program for the management team, one trainer will deliver the training material.

The Training Session

The training session will involve both discussions and presentations to ensure that the management team understands the changes in the management systems and the areas to adjust when dealing with employees. For the employee’s training sessions, there will be two trainers delivering the lesson at an interval of one hour. The training session will be mandatory for all employees selected for the training program. The training program is designed to offer both the management and the employees with the required skills and knowledge to align with the company’s objective (Khan et al., 2016). The focus of the training is to ensure all employees are prepared not only for the success of the company but also for their career development. However, optimal success will depend on the individual response to the training, especially in translating the lesson learned into a practical context. Onsite training will take place in every department inside the company boardroom. This training is necessary for all the company employees, especially the managers. The training program will involve sessions that align with company objectives. The lessons will improve the effectiveness of the managers who have good technical knowledge but lack leadership and communication skills.

Training Objectives

After the trainees have participated in the training program, they will be able to; enhance the flow of information from the management to the employees, identify challenges within the system, and how to lead by example (Wa’el, 2015). The management team will also be able to provide feedback to the trainees and enhance the employee’s morale.

Learning objectives-this training program will equip the trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully communicate by communicating quality standards, identifying quality talents through employee selection strategies, and establishing a team of best managers. They will also be able to understand how to track the employee’s progress and performance improvement. The trainees will be able to demonstrate mastery of all the training tools used during the learning process and their application in the work environment. After completing the training program, the management trainee will be able to manage the employee movement out of the company and boost the overall morale of the workers by aligning their needs to the company’s objectives (Kum, Cowden & Karodia, 2014). They will also be able to make good use of the hiring approaches in selecting new talents into the company’s operations. The end of the training will bring benefits to the company by increasing the company’s employee retention rates, thus minimizing the operation cost. It will also develop a new brand and increase the employee’s loyalty to the company by creating room for career development.

Training program: Effective communication


Learning Objectives

Training Activities

Training Methods

Practice and Feedback

60 minutes

8:00–9:00 a.m.

To develop effective communication strategies to enhance the flow of information from the management to the subordinate staff. Use the powerpoint presentation to demonstrate “effective communication.” Set up the projector and turn on equipment before class begins (check for sound). Ask discussion questions to check for understanding.
5 minutes   Divide the class into groups of five Divide the class into groups of five and have the groups sit in a circle for this discussion.  
20 minutes  Identify the various communication strategies Small group discussion of the video. Prepare three discussion questions. Give each group 20 minutes to discuss and respond to the questions Review question responses by calling on each group to present their answers
20 minutes   Small group activity Divide the trainee into small groups and give out activity instructions. Ask each group to list down the behaviors they would expect from people using the identified communication strategies. Check if the groups have identified the strategies.
15 minutes Enhancing employee morale through empowerment and mentorship Lectures on employee selection and retention. Example of employee selection approaches and techniques Ask a question on the employee selection criteria


The trainers will have all the materials and resources required to roll out the training program. Lectures will be used as a basis for delivering learning content. The lectures will articulate the daily learning objectives and a brief overview of the training content on what skills and knowledge will be transferred to the trainees (Wa’el, 2015). The trainers will explain other training materials that will be used during each session. One of the critical methods of delivering the learning material is the use of multimedia platforms such as video and audio recordings. Trainees will also be subjected to role play as a technique to put into practice what had been learned in lectures and presentations. There will be three types of role-playing to achieve the training objective. Unique role plays, which will be performed by each training, multiple and spontaneous role plays (Khan et al., 2016). While various role plays will be conducted by all the trainees to demonstrate their understanding, spontaneous role play will be utilized in providing more information on the behavior and attitude of the trainees.

The lecturer is a vital training method for both trainers and trainees. Lectures enable the trainers to organize learning resources systematically through interactive discussion. Through lectures, a trainer can explain various aspects of the learning program to the trainee. The trainee can acquire skills and knowledge through listening and observation. Delivering leaning material through video content is also an effective method of training. While it is easy for the trainer to explain a complex concept through video demonstrations, trainees also find it easy to grasp the concept through observation.

Although the training program is essential for improving the performance of the organization, it is necessary to examine the program in terms of cost and benefits. The cost-benefit analysis examines the total cost incurred in the purchase of the material required for the training program and all other expenses, including the salaries of the trainers (Wa’el, 2015). While the organization spends a considerable sum of money on employee training and development, the program should be able to yield more benefits to offset the cost incurred in facilitating the training. The training program developed will cost the company a significant amount of money in the short term. However, in the long run, the company will reap considerable benefits through improved productivity and increased employee retention rates.

A lesson plan with a distance learning module introduces a unique learning experience to the trainee. The program enables the trainee to develop critical thinking and reflecting assessment by removing the element of physical contact by the trainer. Distance learning allows the trainee to learn essential reading and research skills to acquire detailed insight into the content of the learning material. Although this program may be exciting for an individual who is committed to learning new knowledge, a lack of physical conduct may be painful for other people.the training program not only enhances employee performance but also improves the productivity of the organization (Price et al., 2018). Implementation of an effective training program will increase the retention rate of the employees, therefore, lowering the cost of operation. It also enables the organization to develop strong talents and transform junior employees into an exceptional team of managers.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement encompasses the psychological and physical involvement of employees at work. The critical elements of employee engagement include trust, loyalty, motivation, and commitment. Trust in an organization enhances employee engagement. High levels of engagement can only occur if both employees and organizations trust each other. Loyalty in an organization is observed when engaged employees are loyal to their organization. They do not require supervision in their work and feel accountable for their duties and results achieved. Employees can become disengaged if their efforts do not get noticed through reward systems. Motivation also depends on an organizational reward system. Employees feel motivated if they attain desired results, and rewards can further motivate them. Engaged employees are fascinated by their roles and are committed to facing challenges to achieve their goals.The benefit of employee engagement is that it drives performance. The engaged staff understands their purpose in an organization. This results in improved decision-making. Organizations that have engaged employees to enjoy success, and their staff work to outperform competition (Sorenson, 2013).

Organizational commitment is vital since a highly committed employee will identify with the organizational goals. This employee will maintain a strong desire to belong to their organization (Saks et al., 2014). Additionally, they are willing to go beyond their required roles. Organizational commitment also helps an organization have better product quality, increased employee flexibility, and better employee retention.

List of Practices

  • Encourage flexibility. Giving flexibility to employees involves giving them freedom in their work schedules. This will help increase employee engagement.
  • Develop a people-focused culture. Creating a work environment that makes staff feel valued is crucial to employee engagement.
  • Create an influential teamwork culture. This will foster a healthy work environment. Employees will get motivated to work together, boosting their commitment levels (Shahid, A., & Azhar, 2013).
  • Provide constructive feedback and avoid criticism. Constructive feedback informs employees what is wrong, reasons why, and offer solutions. This will enhance employee commitment if they feel appreciated in what they do.
  • Encourage open communication and transparency. Employees should get encouraged to participate in what takes place in an organization (Rees et al., 2013). Sharing figures with employees makes them feel valued and increases their sense of belonging.


The first trend in employee engagement and commitment is professional development. Employees today expect to get offered an array of learning and development options for them to be engaged and invest in their responsibilities. Instead of having the mindset that this process subsidizes the training costs of the employee’s next employer, organizations should view it as human capital investment. Employee wellness is another major trend in employee engagement today. Organizations with physical and mental wellness programs have better-engaged employees compared with others that do not have them (Saks & Gruman, 2014). Companies like SnackNation regard employee wellness as a core value in their organization. The company has sports leagues, ping pong, and a mediation room. The next trend in employee engagement involves remote working. This can also be referred to as working from home. A high number of employees cite productivity as a major reason for working at home. The primary reasons include few office politics, low stress of commuting, and fewer distractions. According to Gallup (2015), 3.7 million employees work from their homes for half the time. Working from home has increased tremendously since 2005. Having this figure in mind, it is crucial to have a policy.

Strategies for Employee Recruitment

The company should adopt the best recruitment strategies to get quality candidates and minimize time to hire. The following are strategies used to hire employees to work in developmental education. One is ensuring a quality employer brand that attracts, engages, and retains quality candidates. Second is recruiting refers to trusted referral programs to save costs and time for hire. A third key strategy is the ability to choose insight from candidate’s data (Russell, 2016).  Another is readiness towards change during the recruiting process to enable quick adoption. Sixth is to discover niche to allow easy access to candidates. Another is to ensure purposeful communication and clear job description.  The eighth strategy is to ensure that the company has an active record of individuals who might not need jobs at the moment but have required traits to ensure a pipeline of candidates (Al Mamun, 2017).   Nine is providing a better interview process. Lastly, companies should strategize on recruiting ex-employees who might have acquired more experience and skill.

Job and Training Need Assessment

Job and training need assessment is an important thing when it comes to working. Through conducting a job and needs assessment analysis, an organization gets to know what it needs to improve as well as what its strengths are. Training is a very crucial thing that an organization can do because through conducting training for your employees, an organization gets to improve efficiency as well as the production of the workers (Franklin, 2015). Through the training, the workers get to know what is expected of them and what they should do as well as learning new things. Training is also essential when there is a change or a planned change in the organization because it prepares employees for the new change making the change be received positively instead of facing resistance.

Major Job Analysis Concepts

Job analysis concepts include knowledge, skill, ability, as well as other personal characteristics. Knowledge means knowing the task, that is knowing what is expected of you to perform the job. Skills mean that the person can do the task as he/she has required skills for the task. Ability, on the other hand, means that the person can learn to do a job. Other personal characteristics as perseverance, interests, training, experiences, determination, and will power are also needed as they help in being able to perform the task (Spector, 2012).

Purpose of Job Analyses

Job analyses are carried out because it helps in career development; the person gets to know what their career job entails and compares that with their traits hence being able to know which career best suits them. Job analyses also serve the purpose of a career ladder; this is because it gives the breakdown of what it takes to move up hence preparing someone for the task. Job analysis also helps to project future needs of the job so that the person becomes aware of what is needed as what kind of people is required to work with (Franklin, 2015). Essential needs are also analyzed, and an individual gets to know what must be done. Lastly, job analysis plays the purpose of equipping an individual with what knowledge and skills are needed for the individual to go and get trained to fit in their career jobs.

Benefits of Job Analysis

Job analysis is beneficial to both the employee and employer because it provides first-hand job-related information hence make it for the employee to know if he/she is up to task or take; the employer also can identify which employees are capable and which ones are incapable hence make the right actions (Spector et al., 2019). Job analysis also helps in creating the right job an employee fits as it helps the employee or the individual understand their capabilities, skills, knowledge, and ability as well as knowing what the job entails, the knowledge and skills needed as well as what must be done. Through job analysis, an individual gets to know training and development needs that are required hence work hard on improving themselves to fit in the career.

How Training Needs Analysis is performed

First, the organization sets clear objectives; the objectives are identified, which includes the goals of the organization. Secondly, the organization recognizes the competencies needed to achieve them. Next, evaluations are done whereby the obstacles that may prevent or prevents an employee from developing their knowledge and skills are identified. Lastly, the organization uses the information collected from previous steps and goes ahead to plan and deliver the most appropriate training for each employee or the team’s needs (Andriotis, 2019).











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