Emergency Response Communication

Emergency Response Communication Introduction Emergency response requires sober leadership, ethical considerations, and proper planning. The success of evacuation and or message involving emergency operations requires the messenger to put the warning, short, precise, and direct to the point. It is for the same reason that each emergency requires its unique response, and planning forms an… Continue reading Emergency Response Communication

Emerging healthcare issue

Measles is a highly infectious and acute viral disease of childhood. It was considered to have been eliminated in the U.S. but has reappeared in recent years. An estimated 20 million cases of measles globally continue to occur, making it a leading cause of death among children. The illness is rare in developed nations, but… Continue reading Emerging healthcare issue

effects of cold war on politics

Fears, ideas and norms are quite common during historical events. The cold war was a war of conflicting principles and was meant to prove superiority between the two sides. It involved rivalry between the Soviet Union, the communists, and the United States, the capitalists. The cold war redefined the political ideology, the American foreign policy… Continue reading effects of cold war on politics

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is power. Humans have become more civilized because of education. Life in the 21st century is easier than in ancient times because of the modern man in more learned. Instead of using horses or camels to cover long distances, modern humans now manufactures automobiles, planes, and ships to cover long distances in a shorter… Continue reading Knowledge is power.

Effective Advertising Campaign

Effective Advertising Campaign Advertising campaigns are a crucial part of marketing in organizations for the purpose of boosting the sale of their products and services. For this reason, most organizations come up with commercial advertisements to be aired on live televisions, radio, and other social media channels like YouTube, instagram among other social interaction sites… Continue reading Effective Advertising Campaign

Is College Really Worth It?

Is College Really Worth It? Introduction Attending college is something that people look forward to after the completion of other lower levels of education. After completing a college education, a person is granted a degree. The degree is significant for it makes it easier for people to get a job in a somewhat competitive business… Continue reading Is College Really Worth It?

Effects of Economic Policies

Effects of Economic Policies Economic laws and policies are rules put in place to regulate the operations of different economic activities in a country. For any country to achieve sustainable development, policies and laws must be enacted to control procurements, investments, trade and infrastructure financing. Human behaviours influence most of the economic laws in consumption.… Continue reading Effects of Economic Policies

Answering Economic Questions

  Answering Economic Questions Evaluate the current position and future prospects of the Global Economy, especially the USA and China. With increased economic integration between nations and advancements in technology in the last couple of decades, economies across the globe have become more interconnected than never before. Economists believe that an inclusive and dynamic global… Continue reading Answering Economic Questions