16 page synopsis of Nigerian government

Global Business Cultural Analysis


Nigerian History

Synopsis of Nigerian government

Nigerian monarchy to presidential system

The evolution of Nigeria from British control to a civilian democratic government

Nigerian major commodities



The major elements and dimensions of culture in Nigeria

Cultural dimensions


Power distance



Model of culture

Universalism or Particularize

How is the integration of elements and dimensions that Nigerians doing business in the country?

The effects of governments on the prospects for its business around the world

How the elements and dimensions compared with the United States, culture, and business?

The role of women in the workplace

Business visitors must be dressed in an elegant and tie (for men!)

Cross-cultural business transactions between the United States and Nigeria




Thurstan Shaw and Steve Daniels, who are the founder for archaeological research proved in their research that Nigeria has been developed since 9,000 BC. At that time, people were living particularly in the low-Eleer region and even earlier that that, in the southeastern region of Nigeria known as Ugwelle-Utruru (Okigwe). Ugwelle-Utruru was the place micro lathes were used. The oldest metal work in archaeology is primarily due to the presence of Smelting furnaces which have been present in Taruga since 4th century BC. The fossil skeleton is an example of Negroid which is almost 10,000 years old and is one of the oldest examples of archaeology. This fossil was found in western Nigeria by Lii Lleru, who proved it to be the territory of ancient times in the region. Ceramic industries have pursued by Nigeria’s ensuing agricultural communities. Also microlithic has been developed by savanna pastoralists since the forth millennium of BC.

In the first millennium BC; hunting and social gatherings encouraged survival farming and the cultivation of staple foods in the south (Chaudhary, 2001). The import of stone head axe from the northern Nigeria produced more opportunity for the people in the southern part to expand agriculture. In the 2nd century BC Kainji Dam dig introduced iron working. However, looking at the progression from the Neolithic period to when iron was introduced; middle sculpture manufacturing was still lacking. Researchers have proposed that technology has been inspired from the west of Nigeria to the valley of Nile. It is true that the metallurgy was introduced in the river and wooded areas of Nigeria and it have been present in the upper savanna by more than 800 years ago.

Nigerian History

The Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Its population is tremendously miscellaneous with well over 250 ethnic groups. Most of its population is in the concerted southern part of the country as well as in the area of opaque defrayal around Kano in the north. Throughout the 19th century, the elimination of the slave trade increased the growth of trade in agricultural produce from Africa to Europe, particularly palm oil from the West African coastal areas. The coastal commune of Lagos became a British colony in 1861, a center for extension of British trade, missions, and political influence. Late 19th century and early 20th century, Lagos was also a center for educated West African elites who were to played important roles in the development of Pan-Africans as well as Nigerian jingoism. Nigeria came under the colonial rule of the British in the second half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century. The United Kingdom subjugated the land of present-day Nigeria, except for the division of former German-controlled Kamerun in numerous phases.

The British dependency of Northern and Southern Nigeria were fused into a single region in 1914, and a lawmaking council, originally with limited African manifestation was created in 1922. Conflicting demands for sovereignty and innermost government by the diverse political groupings obliged the British in 1954 to establish a review of conciliation to put up incompatible demands. The federal government coincided this deal the with sizeable district autonomy. Between the 1960 and 1966, Nigeria was under the civilian rule. The major problems faced by the federal government within the era were threats to federal harmony verified by ethnic enmity and the yearning for autonomy within the federal scheme. This ushered to the configuration of miscellaneous political acts and political coalition. The development of jingoism in the social order and the ensuing surfacing of political revelry were based on ethnic rather than national well-being. Consequently this had no effect on the people of Nigeria against the imposing master. However, people themselves were faced with fatalities of the political thrash about which hypothetically meant eradicating distant dominance.

Synopsis of Nigerian government

After the year when the military rule came to an end; Nigeria undergo different religious and community conflicts. Many of these conflicts was derived due to the distorted use of wealth earn from oil, the failed constitution in 1999, ancient argument on the land and some other improper resources distribution. In May 1999, beyond the progression of an Emir, aggression detonation occurred inside Kaduna which caused the death of more than 100 people. The Odi town of Bayelsa state was cracked by the arm forces in November 1999. A great number of mass public was executed in revenge for the assassination of twelve police guards by a local mob (Frynas, 2004). From February to May of 2000; more than 1000 citizens died in Kaduna in the uprising prologue of illicit Shari’s state.

Due to the revenge attacks in southeastern Nigeria; many of Hausa cultured people were killed. In the year 2001 more or less 2,000 people have been shot dead in the inter-religious riots. Many people were assassinated and thousands were placed in cruelty cases in the year 2001 which then increased around the center Benue states, Taraba, and Nasarawa states. Due to mutual fighting on October 1, 2001, the president declared an arrangement of a (NSC) National Security Commission. The president was selected again due to controversial and highly inconsistent national elections and state election of gubernatorial in 2003. Proceedings usually take almost more than 2 years of time. Brutality, oil damaging communications, and abduction of main refugee in a Niger River Delta NRD strengthened due to the demand of militants as they want to have better allocation of central income for the states in a province, and want to take more benefits from community development as well. Because of many reasons, the services of security were unable to respond properly.

Right from the beginning, corruption has been a parasite killing and dispiriting Nigeria from moving up or convivial new novelty. From chronological point-of-view, Nigeria governments were in the hands of those who were only concerned for themselves, putting aside the issues of the pulic. In Nigeria, the political leaders lurch in self-adulation and obsequiousness and always asking for favors from the public as opposed to other countries like the United States where the leaders promises by word of mouth to fight against sleaze and poverty diminution. Not surprisingly then, Nigerians have no sense of nationalism and devotion, as our leaders come into sight numb to the dilemma of the masses. Corruption is now a very stern Nigerian observable fact and it has vitally shambled and slanted the Nigerian expansion.

In fact, it is terrible, awful and even outrageous as much damage had been done to the good name of the country, which has become the centre of corruption in the whole nation. It is rudimentary and barbaric; Nigeria is rapidly losing its integrity and opportunities while crisis management takes better part of our government preoccupation. How can we anticipate foreigners from developed countries to come and invest in the country and help us sustain an industrialized endorsement when the rate at which bribery and misconduct had drastically increased in the Nigeria economy.

Nigerian monarchy to presidential system

On April 14, election was held in the state of legislative and gubernatorial in Nigeria along with the presidential and governmental elections held on 21 of April 2007. Over 35 political parties took part in this election. A serious fault was reported by the U.S. And international observer in the election process; in some constituencies it also incorporated realistic reports of malfeasance and vote chains. The range of fighting that occurred also was unfortunate. Amongst different states, the method of election was quite different, however, in same state some serious differences were also observed in two polling dates in 34 out of 36 Nigeria’s states. The major opposition parties which included the (ANPP) Nigeria People’s Party and an (AC) Action Congress party, PDP People’s Democratic Party and different other smaller political parties filed appeal to confront the fallout gubernatorial of elections (Ampiah, 2005). A total petitions of 1,527 of Appeal were received by the court, in 2003 three time more of the 527 petitions were filed and received.

A number of problems were observed by INEC (Nigeria’s National Electoral Commission) which included politicization and lack of sovereignty, deficiency and non-accuracy in the process of verdict. It was also observed that the persistent failed to build sufficient and logical preparations for both voter listing and polling stations. However, the President Obasanjo was removed on May 29, 2007 after that Nigeria came to know about its primary change of authority between national supervision. The new elected leader UmaruYar’Adua took the rule; he was a modest and a valued governor. He was selected from the Katsina state and was brought in the direction of building electoral improvement and bringing tranquility and sanctuary in the country elected party. T

Taking oath publicly was encouraged as his top priorities were continued electoral reform (George, & Lacey, 2006).

The evolution of Nigeria from British control to a civilian democratic government

Although the Yar’Adua administration showed control by permitting the governmental and legal twigs to maneuver comparatively free of charge. Still much improvement remains which remains to be implemented. After the intensive legislation, the public pressure and the federal Speaker of legislative Patricia Etta has acquiescent due to the claim of corruption. In October 2007, for the significance of the country’s law of balance and checks, the appeals court supported a lower court decision that approved an opposition party’s gubernatorial election appeal on November 12, 2008. In the support of the opposition, candidate efficiently deposed the ruling party’s presence. On December 12, 2008, Supreme Court of the country sustained the presidential election and the appeals were discharged of the other two primary nominees by taking 3 out of 4 votes, (Nnona, 2010).

President YAr ‘Adua was taken off to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for emergency medical treatment On November 23, 2009 (Baird, 2010). After his prolong absence, a resolution was passed by the National assembly of the country in which the presidential was hand over to the vice president Good luck Jonathan on February 9, 2010, by giving him the responsibilities and the title of Acting President. Good luck Jonathan, the Acting President dismissed the country’s cabinet On March 17, 2010, and on April 6, 2010 he promised to bring new cabinet ministers. After the death of YAr’ Adua on 6th may 2010 the chief justice of the country affirmed in Good luck Jonathan to be the President (Alutu, & Udhawuve, 2009).

Nigerian major commodities


In southern Nigeria oil polluted is very common. Soil and water are poisons due to the spills of oil from the pipelines. Furthermore, the crime rate is very high due to which the youth of Nigeria is in bad influence. As an alternative the youngsters perform such acts like gun fire or kidnap foreigner and vandalizing like damaging pipe lines (Uche, 2008).

The people of Nigeria are seen as pitied by other nations as well as serve as an inspiring story: the deprived African nation sacred with huge unexpected prosperity. Hallucination of wealth went up with the same force as the oil did in 1956; the initial flow from Niger Delta’s muddy land. Sweet and low sulfur fluid known as Bonny beams which is simply refined into gasoline and diesel is present all over Nigeria. Nigeria had joined the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) in the mid-1970s, and the government’s budget increased due to the dollars earned through petrol product (Baird, 2010).


The foods of Nigerian are varied and thrilling. Most of the time it is unrefined natural foods which have fibers dietary in rich amount, carbohydrates in low amount and also contain vitamins and many other nutrients. The variety of local Nigerian food eaten in Nigeria is very low. However, the fast food is very diverse in Nigeria. As it is one of the renounced countries of Africa, the population of Nigeria is about 160,000,000. There are more than 500 totally different cultural groups and languages cutting among different natural geographic regions that also has include the desert Sahara, the thick tropical rain forest, the green savanna having different soil affinity and properties.

The major elements and dimensions of culture in Nigeria

Nigeria also has over 250 cultural clans known as the contemporary Nigeria home. Hausa, Yoruba & Igbo (pronounced ee-bo) are the three largest and most leading cultural groups. There also includes some smaller groups like the state of Fulani, Ijaw, Kanuri, Ibibio, Tiv, and Edo. Due to the invasion done by the use of the previous European, these racial groups had different as well as sovereign olden times. However, all the groups’ combination formed solo unit recognized as in the Nigeria and British immigrants. Now such different culture factions did not measure itself as part of the same civilization. The leadership still is biased according to their culture and causes civil wars and many other conflicts in the surrounding. Thus among different culture groups there still exits war.

Cultural dimensions


Among the people of Nigeria, there is lack of national unity, thus the national imagery is also limited. The country’s flag is a chief national symbol. The national flag of Nigeria is alienated vertically in three equal divisions; the hub of the flag is white, and the both sides are green. Agriculture is represented by the green section of the ensign, though the white part stands for harmony and serenity. Some of the other nationalized ciphers include nation fur of arms, anthem of the state, the National oath which is like to be undertaking for the loyalty for the United States, state’s dictum which is calm, accord, power & evolution of Nigeria.

Power distance

More than 250 individual tribal languages are spoken in a country; the language which is common among most of the people is English. The representative language of Nigeria is also English which used to interaction in all government works and in schools run by the state. Hausa is the second and unofficial language of the country. In northern area of Nigeria; most of the natives who are not culturally from the Hausa still can speak both Hausa and their own ancestral lingo. In the West Africa, Hausa is one of the oldest recognized written languages which have existed before 1000 C.E.

In present days, the people whose culture is not Yoruba’s or Igbo’s can speak Yoruba or Igbo very rarely. The other language which is a mixture of African languages and English is known as Pidgin also one of the common languages in the whole southern Nigeria. This language actually uses English words and mixed with the grammar structures of the two most common languages: Yoruba or Igbo. In recent times, Pidgin is the most common and culturally mixed communicated language between those people who do not have proper English education.


Nigeria is one of the largest populated countries in African subcontinent. In the year 2000, the country’s population is close to 123 million. Having around 345 citizens per mile square, Nigeria is also mainly one of the compactly colonized nations in Africa. In spite of the strong attack of the AIDS, the country’s population was still growing at the rate of almost approximately 2.6% every year. The population of the country is very immature, the reason why about 45% of the population is under the age of fourteen.


With respect to the collapse of the ethnic, Hausa, Fulani constitute population is almost 29% more than the Yoruba’s population which is around 21%, and Igbo’s population which is 18%, the Ijaw’s which is 10%, Kanuri’s population which is 4%, and Ibibio’s population which is 3.5%, tiff with 2.5%. This includes the main metropolitan center for the famous states.

Model of culture

Influenced by the Nigerian culture, the business and social severely are both affected by the country’s policy. The country has now long been in time of democracy and ruled by the civilian in its history. However, as seen by many Nigerians, the country is still not considered as great nation with many complaints against the government as a result. The country has many cities with enormous population officially 140 million people.

Universalism or Particularize

Nearly the major metropolis in the community is the Christianity or Muslims community. Christianity is the basic predominant creed in the region of south, as Islam is in the northern region. Abuja which is a capital has both a national mosque and a church seen as a thawing vessel of tribes. This reflects the holy contour. Usually, Islam and Christianity are the most liberal religion. In Nigeria, it was religiously believed by the Yoruba offspring that the pioneers of Neolithic were thunderbolts throw to earth by the Gods (Oshodi, 2007). The failure of previous governments to branch the financial system was a chronic reflectance. This became the root of the monetary tribulations of Nigeria’s dearth and high redundancy rates. Still, since 1999 it was the constant improvement, and there exists some hopefulness for which the country have bowed curve. It can be seen that cipher of wealth in the Nigeria state and wide among the public infrastructure crumbling. But in general, Nigerian culture and its people portray a very friendly and welcoming nature.

Absolute families are still in the ruling system and they are the backbone of the social system. Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, in-laws all have to work as one unit during their lifetime. This is guided by the family relations throughout the hierarchy system and seniority.

The cultural values serve as the main reason of why Nigeria is gaining power every day. Nigerian people believe that one cannot leave the place nor can decide to live in the place of someone else. Therefore they see the foreigners as visitors. However, Nigerian people are very open-minded and accept foreigners with warmth. In Ibo land it is forbidden to refuse any guest, even if you don’t know the person from before. Nigerian people are very flexible worth of kindness. Any form of association for them is considered as a part of the humankind and it may not be overturned (Oliver Onwubiko 1991, 29).

Integration of elements and dimensions for doing business in the Nigerian country

The people of Nigeria are very creative and often grasp or aim to take place of power. In dealing with the people they show authentic interest. In most of the countries like UK, United State and China, the people do not give much importance to customers in doing deals. But in Nigeria, people show likeliness and trust upon their customers (Oguejiofor, 2010).

The effects of governments on business prospects around the world

In the Nigerian business, university education is seen as to be very important. The degree particularly at the master’s or doctoral degree is appreciated pretentiously displayed on the business card. Even though there is a cultural impact by the government on education, it is still expected and encouraged by all the men, women, and the leaders to educate oneself.

Nigeria’s comparison with the United States: culture and business

As part of tradition and culture of Nigeria; age and intelligence are important characteristics of the Nigerian community. It is law or proverb. Leading the group is the duty of the elders. The Nigerian people feel shy away from politics as subject in their talk as compared to the U.S. where the talks and social conversation are carried out by people in a confident manner. But one can say Nigerian politics until cows home. People can get very noisy in discussions. Nigerian banks are very corrupt: a form of sleaze and fraud.

Within a culture, Nigeria and commodities in the market are open for conciliation. Taxis, traders and other businessmen expect you to confer the price if you are interested. You will not get ripped off if you have a local market’s assistance (Afolayan, 2011).

The role of women in the workplace

As in the case of other aspects of society, the laws of women are mainly ruled by the local and cultural disparity. In the north, Islamic practices were outstandingly common. This process consists of education, generally, less formal; premature marriage at the age of adolescence which is often polygamy with the exception of visits to the celebrations, family and workplace. If service is available and allowed by the girl’s family or husband. Most of the part, the Hausa female does not work in the fields, while Kanuri female do, but both the female get help with the harvest. They are accountable for all domestic and cooking dispensation.

In a contemporary area, there were a small number of women coming into view on different fields, in offices and in social services etc. This leaning of high school for women, teachers of colleges was held in the 1980s and almost one fifth the double proportion of the 1970s. The research which has been done in the 1980s, for the northern Muslims, and schooling beyond primary schools for girls, business and expert elites, in almost all cases, has been selected lessons and professions by the families, not the women themselves. In the Southern state, female worked conventionally and cost-effectively and had important positions in the markets and on the farm. This was the main source of employment opportunities, and powerful places in a traditional system of local organization (Yinka Fashagba, 2009). The southern state such as the northern, though, was polygamy, and in the 1990 there were still a lot of families, including those who converted to Christianity.

In general, the Nigerian development planning has been referred to “adult males” and “families.” Women were integrated in such units, but not as a split category. In the 1980s, it was supposed that the term “farm” is exclusively male. Even though, in some of the southern areas, women have done most of the work on the farm (Nwabueze, 2009). In Nigerian conditions, a woman has always been characterized as the daughter, wife, mother or widow of someone. Single women make up a large group particularly in urban areas due to the high rate of divorce.

Traditionally, a number of degrees have remained true in popular civilization that a single woman has been seen as one of sexual partners. They attempt various kinds of self-rules, which to them was an easy way for economic exploitation. In Kaduna State, for instance, the investigation of illegal land confiscation, confiscated farms without thinking about women by the local leaders who wish to sell urban-based investors and would become profitable farmers. The implications of U.S. companies that want to do business in Nigeria and Nigerian anticipate having close ties with trade partners, it is more important not to be in a rush.

Business visitors must be dressed in elegant manner and tie (for men!)

If you are going to visit government officials, a formal dress code is necessary. Informal clothing does not make a good impression. This is a very important exercise in Nigeria. It is recommended that both men and women wear traditional but frivolous business suits. So always advised to carry an umbrella to avoid becoming a victim of rain generally unforeseen

English became the bureaucracy language in Nigeria. The majority of Nigerian people feels comfortable with it, but keeps away from using expressions that do not fit with society. I salute the people politely. Shaking hands is the most appropriate way to deal with Nigerians and to remember their names. Nigerians love to be honored and respected. It is a crime in Nigerian community to go by an elderly person without welcoming them. Work starts from here until after having breakfast. Never use your phone to confer the minutiae. Once you are here, than create the local whereabouts in a person or use handouts to deliver notes. The deadline, although it lacks the same quality, they will respect you for that. Besides, the busy traffic, the insane, and the mobilization of disciplined infantry delay in Lagos are definitely present (Worlu, 2010).

Cross-cultural business transactions between the United States and Nigeria

In Nigeria, work is important in head to head conventions. In a primary assembly with a business contact, one has to be tolerant and have endless compliments. Discussion may turn to private. Nigerian people love to have information about to whom they are doing trade work with. Several packages of business cards are required as everyone wants one because they have lost the first one. Block letters are recommended in writing purposes. Furthermore everything needs to be on paper after the meeting. To close important deals should contact the senior management, and perhaps less to manage, such as to give you the impression that they can make fateful decisions (Shannon, 2007). It is a good idea to have lots of money on hand as banks take a longer time to change traveler’s checks. Credit cards can be used just in a few places, particularly hotels and some of the best restaurants.

If you are ‘doing’ lunch with a business friend, make sure you always use your right hand (or both hands) to go by and accept dishes. The left hand is forbidden, and is not often used for interpersonal transaction. Left-handers are especially advised to practice the use of the ‘right’ hand. Leave objection to drinking and smoking before you light up or tip a glass. Foreigners do get away with the major things but it makes good business intelligence to be careful. Although the presidential elections happened in April 2003, etiquette and business is maintained.


In the given case study we had gone throughout the history of Nigeria and Nigerian culture. The Nigerian cultural diversity, prosperity, and distinguishing traits of Nigerian society are showed up in the different family types in the country. Culturally, Nigerian society is matrilineal, and the standard man is socialized to have an inflated picture of him and other men. The allures and permanence of marriage is the ideal form of all the cultural clusters in Nigeria. The payment of at least token grants by the most Nigerian cultural groups because it portrays the significance of a properly socialized wife and transmit respect and admiration for her family. Therefore, marriage and family types in Nigeria are one of major area of cultural similarity among over the 300 miscellaneous tribes and cultural groups that make up Nigeria state. Nigerians have said it is loud and clear that they are not getting happy with the state of the confederation. Their fears, apprehensions and frustrations are legal. The political class must not be ignored every time the citizens question the basis of the federation.


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We check all papers for plagiarism before we submit them. We use powerful plagiarism checking software such as SafeAssign, LopesWrite, and Turnitin. We also upload the plagiarism report so that you can review it. We understand that plagiarism is academic suicide. We would not take the risk of submitting plagiarized work and jeopardize your academic journey. Furthermore, we do not sell or use prewritten papers, and each paper is written from scratch.

When will I get my paper?

You determine when you get the paper by setting the deadline when placing the order. All papers are delivered within the deadline. We are well aware that we operate in a time-sensitive industry. As such, we have laid out strategies to ensure that the client receives the paper on time and they never miss the deadline. We understand that papers that are submitted late have some points deducted. We do not want you to miss any points due to late submission. We work on beating deadlines by huge margins in order to ensure that you have ample time to review the paper before you submit it.

Will anyone find out that I used your services?

We have a privacy and confidentiality policy that guides our work. We NEVER share any customer information with third parties. Noone will ever know that you used our assignment help services. It’s only between you and us. We are bound by our policies to protect the customer’s identity and information. All your information, such as your names, phone number, email, order information, and so on, are protected. We have robust security systems that ensure that your data is protected. Hacking our systems is close to impossible, and it has never happened.

How our Assignment  Help Service Works

1.      Place an order

You fill all the paper instructions in the order form. Make sure you include all the helpful materials so that our academic writers can deliver the perfect paper. It will also help to eliminate unnecessary revisions.

2.      Pay for the order

Proceed to pay for the paper so that it can be assigned to one of our expert academic writers. The paper subject is matched with the writer’s area of specialization.

3.      Track the progress

You communicate with the writer and know about the progress of the paper. The client can ask the writer for drafts of the paper. The client can upload extra material and include additional instructions from the lecturer. Receive a paper.

4.      Download the paper

The paper is sent to your email and uploaded to your personal account. You also get a plagiarism report attached to your paper.

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What Will You Get?

We provide professional writing services to help you score straight A’s by submitting custom written assignments that mirror your guidelines.

Premium Quality

Get result-oriented writing and never worry about grades anymore. We follow the highest quality standards to make sure that you get perfect assignments.

Experienced Writers

Our writers have experience in dealing with papers of every educational level. You can surely rely on the expertise of our qualified professionals.

On-Time Delivery

Your deadline is our threshold for success and we take it very seriously. We make sure you receive your papers before your predefined time.

24/7 Customer Support

Someone from our customer support team is always here to respond to your questions. So, hit us up if you have got any ambiguity or concern.

Complete Confidentiality

Sit back and relax while we help you out with writing your papers. We have an ultimate policy for keeping your personal and order-related details a secret.

Authentic Sources

We assure you that your document will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors as we use highly authentic and licit sources.

Moneyback Guarantee

Still reluctant about placing an order? Our 100% Moneyback Guarantee backs you up on rare occasions where you aren’t satisfied with the writing.

Order Tracking

You don’t have to wait for an update for hours; you can track the progress of your order any time you want. We share the status after each step.


Areas of Expertise

Although you can leverage our expertise for any writing task, we have a knack for creating flawless papers for the following document types.

Areas of Expertise

Although you can leverage our expertise for any writing task, we have a knack for creating flawless papers for the following document types.


Trusted Partner of 9650+ Students for Writing

From brainstorming your paper's outline to perfecting its grammar, we perform every step carefully to make your paper worthy of A grade.

Preferred Writer

Hire your preferred writer anytime. Simply specify if you want your preferred expert to write your paper and we’ll make that happen.

Grammar Check Report

Get an elaborate and authentic grammar check report with your work to have the grammar goodness sealed in your document.

One Page Summary

You can purchase this feature if you want our writers to sum up your paper in the form of a concise and well-articulated summary.

Plagiarism Report

You don’t have to worry about plagiarism anymore. Get a plagiarism report to certify the uniqueness of your work.

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  • Most Qualified Writer $10FREE
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Our Services

Join us for the best experience while seeking writing assistance in your college life. A good grade is all you need to boost up your academic excellence and we are all about it.

  • On-time Delivery
  • 24/7 Order Tracking
  • Access to Authentic Sources
Academic Writing

We create perfect papers according to the guidelines.

Professional Editing

We seamlessly edit out errors from your papers.

Thorough Proofreading

We thoroughly read your final draft to identify errors.


Delegate Your Challenging Writing Tasks to Experienced Professionals

Work with ultimate peace of mind because we ensure that your academic work is our responsibility and your grades are a top concern for us!

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We Analyze Your Problem and Offer Customized Writing

We understand your guidelines first before delivering any writing service. You can discuss your writing needs and we will have them evaluated by our dedicated team.

  • Clear elicitation of your requirements.
  • Customized writing as per your needs.

We Mirror Your Guidelines to Deliver Quality Services

We write your papers in a standardized way. We complete your work in such a way that it turns out to be a perfect description of your guidelines.

  • Proactive analysis of your writing.
  • Active communication to understand requirements.

We Handle Your Writing Tasks to Ensure Excellent Grades

We promise you excellent grades and academic excellence that you always longed for. Our writers stay in touch with you via email.

  • Thorough research and analysis for every order.
  • Deliverance of reliable writing service to improve your grades.
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